About Papaboost

Dr. Michael Papa is a chiropractor with 34 years of experience, practicing in Jupiter, Florida. In addition to his chiropractic work, he is also an author and has a special focus on pediatrics through geriatrics in his practice. Over the years, he has provided nutritional consultations and conducted diet and exercise evaluations with his patients. Dr. Papa has observed that many product lines in the market are overly complicated and not tailored for the average person's actual needs. They often promote things that people should be doing but are not. Given the current situation with weakened immune systems and the lack of readily available proper nutrition, Dr. Papa believes that focusing on wellness is a more effective approach to fighting disease, rather than dealing with health issues after they arise.
To address this, Dr. Papa has collaborated with a PhD colleague whom he has known for 20 years to develop several products that provide pharmaceutical-grade nutrition, including multivitamins, calcium, D3, turmeric, and omega-3s. These nutrients are essential for the body's functions, such as fighting inflammation, preventing diseases, and building a strong immune system. Dr. Papa has observed that the quality of many products on the market does not meet his standards, so he decided to develop his own formulations to achieve better results.
Dr. Papa plans to continue actively practicing and seeing patients, as he has done for the past 34 years, and help them not only with their physical health but also their dietary and nutritional needs. He believes in treating the body as a whole, rather than focusing on just one part.